The Story of the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S Jump Starter


In mid 2017, when we first saw battery powered jump starters hit the market, we got the idea of making a roadside safety multi-tool for drivers. Why? Many unexpected things can happen on the road, and  jumper cables and other safety tools can be bulky and unsightly to store in your vehicle. Further more, many of these tools on the market didn't include a USB type charger to power your smart phones and laptops on the go. 

Here are some common roadside emergency situations that we set out to help solve:


After several rounds of brainstorming, we landed on the best engineering designs:

  • It should be convenient that every one can easily keep them in the car. 
  • It should fit for human hands, because it is a tool.
  • It should be durable. When there is water, shock and dirt, it will still work.
  • The shell should be solid and slip resistant. We should find the best aluminium alloy that a tool could use.
  • The battery should be very reliable, so we contacted the best battery manufacturer we could find in the world. 
  • It should have multi-functional light, because people need different light in different occasions.
  • We needed a magnetic button on the tool to keep it securely attached to the car door. 
  • Given the dealt belt cutter and window hammer features, we wanted to be sure to include a child-proof safety. 

With the new CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S we arrived at a product design for a leading portable, battery-powered jump starter that's water resistant, dirt resistant, shock resistant and with child safety in mind. 


 No matter how many tools you have in your garage, you always need one tool in your car. This tool is CarAIDE Multi-Tool. 

What do we have planned for the future?

  • We will keep doing R&D in the car tool area.
  • We plan to develop at least 4 new tools every year.
  • We will start selling through Amazon, Ebay and other eCommerce sites first.
  • Then, you'll start to see our products in auto parts stores, gas stations, rest stops, Auto body shops and the like.
  • Out goal? To be the number one car tool manufacturer in the United States, with innovative products that make your driving experience smarter (simpler and safer). 

Contact us if you like our plans.