Meet the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X

The world's most powerful multi-functional jump starter, device charger, and emergency tool - born in Philadelphia and with 100k+ raised in Kickstarter Crowdfunding!

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Get yourself out of ANY roadside emergency situation

New Arrival Product

CarAIDE 3X Multi-Tool

Dead battery? The CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X is an all-in-one gadget that will jump-start your car with no jumper cables or second car needed. Plus, it will also charge your phone and laptop, cut a safety belt, break a car window in case of emergency, and scare away an attacker. This multi-tool includes a flashlight and emergency SOS flasher, burglar alarm, and a built-in compass in case you find yourself broken down at night.

The CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X works with any car, boat, motorcycle or ATV that uses a 12v battery. It's slip-resistant, shock resistant, water and dirt resistant, and fits easily into a car door, glove compartment or cup holder.

  Product Features and Benefits

Jump Starter

With the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X, jump start any vehicle that has a 12V battery (most cars, motorcycles and ATVs). As long as your battery has at least a 50% charge, the CarAIDE will quickly jump start your vehicle with no second car needed.

Power Bank

Power your electronic devices "on to go" or in an emergency, including smart phones and laptops. The CarAIDE's 8000 mAh Capacity is strong enough to charge an iPhone X three times before needing to be charged itself. Responds to any working temperature between -4℉ to 140℉ (-20℃ to 60℃).

Window Breaker

If you're ever trapped inside your car due to a flood, fire or other emergency situation, timing is critical to your escape. The CarAIDE Multi-Tool features an easy-breaking window hammer to get you out fast. Simply strike the Multi-Tool against the glass to shatter the pane. Features a child-proof safety.

Seat Belt Cutter

It allows drivers to escape from their car in case of flooding and other dangerous situations. Drivers can easily cut the safety belt to escape. The cutter is hidden to prevent injuries in case children get hold of device.

Burglar Alarm

A push-button feature on the CarAIDE Multi-Tool will engage an ultra-sonic emergency alarm capable of scaring off an attacker or animal.

Mega Flashlight & SOS Light

The mega flashlight at the top of the Multi-Tool lights up to over 755 feet (or 230 meters). The Multi-Tool features three different settings: a beam light, an SOS light and an emergency flasher, to help you in ANY emergency situation as quickly as possible.

Ergonomics & Accessibility

Unlike other all-in-one devices, the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3X was engineered with an ergonomically designed flashlight shape. This shape has proven to be the best fit for human hands.


  Media Reviews

- Julian Horsey, from Geeky Gadgets

- Diogo Costa, from Know Techie

- Nate Mitka, from Gear Junkie

“A new portable and powerful jump starter that’s small enough to hold in your hand, yet powerfulenough to help you start your engine in an emergency!”

"CarAIDE is a useful gadget that can save you in car-related emergencies. A tool that is a true Swiss Army knife and should be present on ALL cars around the world for its versatility and usefulness. With a capacity of 8000 mAh, the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S has the necessary power to jump-start your car, while also doubling as a power bank for all of your gadgets.”

“This compact jump-starter operates as a 12-volt battery jumper and can also cut seatbelts, sound an alarm, break a car window, and has a powerful flashlight and SOS light. And an internal 8,000 mAh charger lets you charge smart devices on the go. A must-have purchase for drivers everywhere!”