PHILADELPHIA, PA — 23 January 2019 — Philadelphia-based startup CarAIDE has announced the upcoming Kickstarter launch of its innovative new car charger tool, the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S, in January 2019. The CarAIDE is like the Swiss army knife of car tools — it does everything!

The CarAIDE’s compact ergonomic design has the sleek look of a high-end flashlight, but it’s actually a battery-operated car charger and emergency safety tool that is also a high-powered flashlight that shines up to 230 meters (755 feet). There’s also a power bank for charging phones, tablets and laptops.

When it comes to dead car batteries, in the past drivers had two choices: either call for roadside assistance or ask someone with a running car for a jump-start.
Thanks to advanced new technology, however, users can now jump-start a car using a battery-powered car charger, without needing a second car to provide the power.

“Battery-operated car charger technology has only been around since mid-2017,” says CarAIDE CEO Eric Zhang, “but the early chargers were bulky and awkward. We wanted something sleek and ergonomic, designed to fit the human hand. So we thought, ‘Why not a flashlight shape?’ That turned out to be the perfect design for us.”

The CarAIDE also features emergency tools, including a window glass breaker for situations where a vehicle is underwater, a seatbelt cutting tool in case the driver is trapped in the car, emergency flashers, an SOS light, and a compass. There’s also an anti-theft feature that emits a piercing sound to scare off attackers.

The water-resistant, dirt-resistant, and shock-resistant CarAIDE fits into a cup holder, glove box, console, or door pocket, so it’s always there when you need it. Its reflective bands help you find it in the dark.

“The Kickstarter campaign will allow us to purchase new equipment, hire additional staff, and develop new products in the future,” Zhang says. “We are excited about expanding our lineup of well-designed automotive products, thanks to the support of our customers and backers!”

Early backers on Kickstarter will get super-low, limited-availability pricing during the first few days of the campaign.

Interested parties can get updates and reminders about the CarAIDE Multi-Tool 3S by visiting


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