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In September 2018, our patent filed by lawyers. I like the words he said about the product.


In present times individuals are always looking for practical and modular multi-purpose tools. In conventional systems, power banks and jump boxes that are stowed away in car compartments are often bulky, making them hard to store, and are often hard to handle, especially in emergency situations.
The present invention aims to improve on the conventional systems. The present invention is a multi-functional tool that features the ergonomics of a flashlight, while providing essential emergency functions. The present invention provides illumination for emergency situations, particularly for signaling purposes. The present invention can also provide power to car batteries, cell phones, laptops, and/or any other type of electronic device. The present invention is also compact and ergonomic, allowing it to be stowed away in a smaller compartment, such as a cup holder or glove box. The present invention
is also robust, water resistant, and shockproof, allowing it to be used as an emergency hand tool for breaking glass, and/or cutting seat belts.


Charles Pisani

I received an email notifying me that I’ll be able to purchase today at an early bird price, but the website has no online store to purchase. Why send out emails when on the day the website has no online store


1000 fois bravos !

Dolores Shaw

How much

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